In case you suspect the drivers to not work properly, try the following procedure:

1) Remove any dongles.

2) Run setupdrv /ufull

3) Reboot the machine.

4) Run setupdrv

5) Insert the dongle into the machine (for USB dongles, Windows should now install

the drivers)

6) Reboot the machine.


Check that the dongle end is lit


Run the ddlook.exe file in the Lock System Folder and verify that the program finds the dongle and that SW is specified as the product code and that dd32.dll is listed as the protected program.


On the server, open DDNET.INI file in the windows folder to check the registered path to the system folder (keyword fserver holds this path) and verify that the SW.INI file on the client machines points to the same folder.


Make sure that the client machine got FULL access permission on the Lock System Folder.


Make sure that the DDNET program is actually running, check Windows Task Manager.


If the program returns an error code; try the support website of the dongle manufacturer (select “Dinkey Dongle” and “Continue”).