1. Go to menu Database->Administrator->Method Definitions…  and open the window for editing/adding estimation methods. 


  1. You can navigate through the weight groups in the WBS in the tree to the left in the window.  When selecting a weight group in the tree, the user defined method (estimation formula) for this weight group will be shown in the grid to the right


  1. Here you can change estimation, plot and comparison parameters. You select the parameters by clicking in the grid with the parameter name.  This will open a dropdown list from where you can select the parameter of choice.  Notice the first item in the list - <Search…>.  A double- click on this will open up a search window that helps you find the parameter you are looking for.   Select <Search…> and press ENTER to open the window and start typing in the keyword for the parameter

  1. In addition to change parameters, you can also delete parameters, or add new ones.