ShipWeight uses the Windows user and Windows Authentication (Window Active Directory) to log on to the SQL Server.


So actually, ShipWeight use two types of users:

  • The window authentication/windows user for accessing the SQL Server
  • The ShipWeight application user which is used to control access to functions and menus in the inside the client application


The two user types are not linked or related, they are separate.  So a “sysadmin” type of ShipWeight user will not be able to do anything in ShipWeight if the windows user is not allowed to access the SQL users.  

This allows the windows user to have more than one ShipWeight user, and several windows users to share the same ShipWeight user.


The standard ShipWeight application user (installed by default) is “Administrator” and password “admin”.  The password may be changed, and more users can be defined in ShipWeight.