To do this you need to open the .rpt file containing the report template you would like to edit in SAP Crystal Reports. ShipWeight only contain a Crystal Reports viewer not a Crystal Reports editor. When the report is open you can align text in multiple ways here I will explain how to use guidelines and how to align text according to another field.

How to use guidelines

In the options window make sure that you turn on the  Rulers and the Guidelines. 

To open the options window click File on the top menu and select Options...

In the layout tab in the Options window check the Design view checkboxes Rulers and Guidelines. Include Grid if you would like to see the grid as well. 

To align text on a specific location set a guideline by clicking the vertical or horisontal ruler in the design view of the report.  

Click the field you would like to align to this location and drop it on the guideline. 

The red angles inside the red circles indicate that the field is connected to the guideline. 

If you move the guideline all fields connected to it will move too. It is possible to connect a field to the guideline in front, middle and aft.  

How to align text according to another field. 

1. Select the fields you would like to align according to each other.

2. Right click the field you would like to be the field the other fields align according to. 

3. Select Align

4. Select which type of alignment you would like to use. 

To read more check out the ShipWeight Online Help ManualTraining Manual - Crystal Reports.