The following ShipWeight databases needs to be migrated if you are moving to a new server:


  • sdb_Shipdb (and optionally the sdb_Demo if it exists)
  • SWLogin
  • All database starting with SWxx_  (where xx is any number from 01 to 99)
  • If you are running ShipWeight version 12 or later: SWSystem
  • If you are running versions prior to version12: all databases starting with wdb_


To migrate, follow these steps:


  1. Install SQL Server on the new server machine
  2. Migrate the databases listed above by either;
    1. (Preferred) Create a backup of the databases on the old server, restore them on the new server.

– or -

    1. Set the databases “offline” (or “detach”) on the old  server, copy the files to the new server and “attach” them on the new SQL Server
  1. Make sure the permissions settings for the ShipWeight users are set on the new SQL Server, same as on the old server (check file access permissions after transfer)
  2. On the client machine, the first time the client logs on to the new server, select or type in the new server name in the “SQL Server” box in the ShipWeight login screen.